Never queue for drinks at a bar again!

How does it work?

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Join NoBarQ, the low fee table service app, and get discovered by new customers.
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How does it work?

Ordering with NoBarQ is as easy as 1,2,3... erm 4

Get the app

Available for free from the Apple and Android app stores

Choose a venue

Find your local or discover new places to eat and drink

Place an order

Browse the menu, order and pay from your table or before you arrive


Your order will be brought to your table or you can collect from the bar

Behind the bar

  • Orders are instantly broadcast to the venue's app telling waiting staff where their customers are and what they want.

  • Payments are taken from a customers payment card directly into the venue's account.

  • Waiting staff accept or reject orders keeping customers informed of progress via the venue apps simple touch interface.

  • Orders are prepared and delivered to the table or the venue's app can notify customers to collect from the bar.

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Thirsty? Get your next round with NoBarQ!

Search for 'NoBarQ' on your app store or use the buttons below to download NoBarQ and skip the queue now.

Venue Owner?

Join NoBarQ, the low fee table service app, and get discovered by new customers through the NoBarQ directory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions.

1. How do you pronounce NoBarQ?

The name comes from 'no bar queue', because we believe you shouldn't have to queue at bars any more. But if you want to call it 'no bark', thats cool too. Life's too short to worry about one syllable.

2. What does the app cost?

The app is completely free to download and use for customers.

3. How do I see my orders?

You can view your previous orders in the 'Order History' screen available from the main menu within the app.

4. How do I pay for an order?

The first time you make an order, you enter and save your card details on the payment screen. Next time, you can simply select the card you used previously. So if you leave your wallet at home you will still have a great night out with NoBarQ (but don't forget your keys!).

5. What devices does the app support?

The NoBarQ app runs on most recent Apple and Android devices. Generally if your phone is less than six years old, you should be ok.

6. Can I use NoBarQ in my language?

At present, only English is supported, but we are working with our partners to create localised versions of the app for different countries.

Still have a question? Contact us now

We've made NoBarQ to make your life easier. Feel free to send us questions, feedback or your own ideas for new features or improvements.

Drop us a note at suggestions@nobarq.co.uk